Keep It Simple Spirit


"There is a Power for good in the Universe, 

greater than you are, and you can use It.”

Come Away My Beloved
02 Come Away My Beloved (I Got Your Back)


1.   You shall look to no other source but God for your supply.

2,   You shall make no mental images of lack.
3.   You shall not speak the word of lack or limitation.
4.   You shall let go and let God do it.
5.   You shall deal honorably with God and with all human instruments through whom God's good is manifested.
6.   You shall not take your wealth out of circulation.
7.   You shall not abase your wealth to idle or evil uses.
8,   You shall not seek something for nothing.
9.   You shall not bear false witness against the source of your wealth.
10. You shall not limit yourself by coveting that which is another's; you shall claim your own.

1.    I look only to God for my prosperity.

2.    I make no mental images of lack.

3.    I speak no word of limitation.

4.    I let go and let God work in my affairs.

5.    I deal honorably with God and all God's pay clerks.

6.    I keep my wealth circulating wisely.

7.    I use my wealth for good purposes only.

8.    I never strive to get something for nothing.

9.    I never talk poverty; I tell the Truth about God's abundance.

10.  I take my eye off my neighbor's wealth; I claim my own!

AFFIRMATION:  I choose beliefs ​that empower all. There is room for love in difference of opinion. I honor the faith & beliefs of everyone I meet. #liveandletlive