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War on Debt
Toni Hutchinson (I Got Your Back)

Did Jesus ever tell anyone that it was God’s will for him to suffer lack or be sick or be a failure in any way?  If any such vision of God’s will is in your mind, rise up instantly, and in the name of Christ, put it forever out of your thoughts as unworthy of a loving Father, and doubly unworthy of yourself, His offspring.  When any of these things come upon you, arise at once and claim your rightful inheritance.  “I am thy part and thine inheritance” (Num. 18:20 KJV), says the Lord.  Remember what God is, who says to you, “I am … thine inheritance.”  He is life, wisdom, peace, joy, strength, power.  Remember that life has given it into your hands, although to you, it may not yet be visible, a place where there is no want of anything.

Eric Butterworth reminds us in straighforward, nontheological language that we have the power and the means within us to live abundantly.


The New Retirementality is the ability to achieve the freedom to pursue your own goals, at your own pace, on your own terms... regardless of your age.

It's Never Too Late To Be What You Want To Be."